Response to a question about COS token price from one of our investors

Mick Tsai
3 min readFeb 11, 2022

*The following question was received from one of our investors. The original question has been edited for clarity and confidentiality purposes.*

Hi Mick,

I wanted to reach out because I am a token holder in your project Contentos. I believe it is a great project and has a better product than other projects. I wanted to know your opinion on why the token hasn’t received a lot of traction and why it hasn’t exploded yet. I wanted to know your thoughts?

Best regards,


Hi “COSer,”

First, thank you for supporting Contentos! My team and I started this project back in the middle of 2018 with the belief that blockchain technology has enormous potential to change the global digital content industry, and it is still our belief today.

In the blockchain space, every 3 months a “trend” arises and related projects get hyped. For instance, projects like YFI in the DeFi summer of 2020 or Axie Infinity in 2021 received a lot of attention. In my opinion, blockchain content projects have not been a trend just yet, which means any projects in this category might just need to focus on building great products and enhancing user experience; and that definitely includes Contentos.

Last year in 2021, our team also tried to catch the NFT trend and released several NFT related features on COS.TV and the Contentos mainnet. This not only helped creators and fans have a better way to engage with content, but also attracted more support for Contentos globally. Meanwhile, we also kept a close eye on the latest “land / real-estate” NFT trend, and that’s why at the end of Q1/2022, we will announce the COS-verse related NFT land initial mint event, and those who stake enough COS on our mainnet for a period of time will get a chance to access our first whitelist. The details will be announced publicly later, but this follows the roadmap we’ve stated on and also discussed publicly in several previous AMA sessions.

To me, the COS token value is an indicator that reflects the effort that my team and I have put into the Contentos project. The only way to create a long / sustainable value is through real products, users, and content in the Contentos ecosystem. Any hype or trend cannot last, and when the trend finally comes to content related blockchain projects, COS will definitely be one of the major players.

I want to share two additional points for you to consider:

  1. YouTube CEO Susan Wojcicki talked about the focus of YouTube in 2022, which was very similar to what COS.TV / Contentos have already been doing in the past year. Perhaps this will be a good start in putting blockchain content projects under the spotlight:
  2. On Feb 3, we had our final token release. Moving forward, no more tokens will be released to any private sale or the team, and the only way to obtain new COS is through our fair Contentos mainnet mining rewards:

I would like to thank you once again for supporting Contentos.

Yours truly,